Videoconferencing with your doctor, since early 2017.


Since early 2017 we are offering a new type of virtual appointment that uses the internet to connect you with your doctor. The videoconference is done securely using a certified provider to ensure the confidentiality of your appointment.

One of the major benefits to the patient is the option to consult with the family physician from afar; especially for patients with reduced mobility that need to be followed up regularly.

This type of visit focusses on ONE specific concern that can be addressed without the need for a physical examination. 

Examples of visits that are suitable for this type of appointment are: medication renewals (excluding sedatives and narcotics), follow up on medical concerns, review of specialist reports, exams or tests.



Your request for a videoconference appointment must be approved by the clinic. You may be asked to come to the clinic for an in person appointment. During the conference, your doctor may still request that you come to the clinic for a physical examination.

  • For medication renewal (if applicable): Ensure you have your blood work done at least 2 days before the visit.

  • For mental health concerns: Ensure you and your doctor has agreed upon this modality in a previous office visit.


Please make sure you read the Videoconference Informed Concent