How do I book my appointment online?

All visits are to be self booked on our Patient Portal.

On June 15th 2019 we informed, via email, all registered patients about our New Patient Portal called Health Myself.  Click here to read the communication letter.

Invitations to register on the patient portal were sent on the same day. If your invitation has expired, please Contact Us to receive a new one.

If you have family members registered with us, you will be able to manage your under 16 year old children's bookings and communications within your account. For adults, you will need their authorization. Go Up

Why did Dr. Suazo decide to open up a Micro Practice?

Dr. Suazo wanted to be able to provide quality care to her patients without the financial burden of sustaining a large medical office operation and to decrease the administrative work load associated with seeing many patients each day. Learn more about the micro practice benefits by going to Benefits under the About Us Section.

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Why are front desk hours reduced?

This type of practice relies on a “virtual front desk” that runs 24/7.

Front desk staff hours are intended to assist patients without internet access and to orient patients on this care delivery model.

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Why do I have to pay for medical forms and uninsured services?

Uninsured services are not covered by the BC Health Insurance Plan.

The clinic working hours are intended to discuss and address your medical concerns and to focus on your health. Therefore your doctor works on completing your forms and uninsured requests mostly during her weekends. 

There are some physicians that may not charge for these types of services despite the extra effort and time required. We believe that this becomes an administrative burden and a detriment to your physician’s well-being when he/she is not compensated. Remember that your physician’s main interest and enjoyment is in practicing medicine, not in doing paper work or administrative tasks. You are asked to pay for these services as you would pay your notary, accountant, lawyer, advisor, naturopath, chiropractor, psychologist, etc. for their uninsured services. 

You may check the list of uninsured services and the proposed fees developed by Doctors of BC here

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Are you accepting new patients?

We are currently not accepting  new patients, but from time to time we have availability to accept them. I you do not have a family physician,  please contact us to inquire.

Thank you for your interest.

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